Grammar Notes

Will do…

2020-03-26 Michael Conrad  3 minute read

If you take the Remote Past form and then add the special prefix “dạ-” and replace the “-vi” ending with “-ị” you create the Completive Future form. If the Present Tense form uses “Set A” pronouns, then use “Set A” pronouns and not “Set B” pronouns. ☞ This indicates much the same meaning as the English “will… ” forms that do not use “be… ing”.


2020-03-26 Michael Conrad  1 minute read

☞ The Ꮒ- prefix can be combined with the special suffix -ᎥᎾ (-v⁴nạ) on past events to create a “without” meaning.

  • ᎤᏬᏂᏒᎢ. “He/she spoke.”

    • ᏄᏬᏂᏒᎾ. (Ꮒ + ᎤᏬᏂᏒᎢ + ᎥᎾ.)

      • “Without him speaking it.”

      • “He/she spoke without speaking Cherokee.”