The app is currently available for Android TV for free in the Google App Store.


This is a simple platformer game to assist with learning the Cherokee numbers.

You wander around in a maze and collect dice together that match the challenge given, then explode them.

After you have completed all the challenges for a level you move on to the next larger level with more numbers to learn.

Play Online

If you would like to play online with your computer, visit HTML-Games/NumbersMaze. No guarentees it will work.

You may have to click in the game window to have Audio!

I strongly recommend Google Chrome instead of Firefox. I had serious performance issues with Firefox. I have not tried the latest Edge.

If you have a gamepad:

  • Left stick or DPAD: Move
  • [A]: Fireball
  • [X]: Pickup Blocks
  • [Y]: Drop Blocks

Or you can use a keygoard:

  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • [F]: Fireball
  • [D]: Pickup Blocks
  • [S]: Drop Blocks

You can also use [SPACE] or [ENTER] for Fireballs.

Direct Download

App Stores

  • Android TV App via Google Play Gamepad Required
  • [Android TV App via Amazon] Not available yet.
  • [Apple TV via Apple] Not available. I don't own an Apple TV and I don't own a working Mac.

Desktop App Stores

I have to look into publishing via the Microsoft Store, the Apple Store, and a Linux Store.