Cherokee Language Lessons

Cherokee TTS Update #2 (IMS-Toucan)

2022-04-18 Michael Conrad  3 minute read

I've been working with using the IMS-Toucan to create a TTS for Cherokee. My previous attempts with the Tacotron model kept resulting in problematic models that had a tendency to "ramble" on with "mumblings" in a not entirely predictable fashion. I maintain a fork of the repo at Cherokee Language IMS-Toucan.

The results I've obtained from the IMS-Toucan FastSpeech2 model are much more reliable.

I've attached a copy of three different TTS voices reading the Two Hunters story from the C.E.D., pp354-355. Cherokee Dictionary

Cherokee Animal Names (TTS 1)

2021-05-29 Michael Conrad  2 minute read

Enough progress has been made on the Cherokee TTS project to provide a full set of audio only exercises.

This audio is 100% computer generated audio. No humans were used in the making of these audio files.


The app is currently available for Android TV for free in the Google App Store.


This is a simple platformer game to assist with learning the Cherokee numbers.

You wander around in a maze and collect dice together that match the challenge given, then explode them.

After you have completed all the challenges for a level you move on to the next larger level with more numbers to learn.

Play Online

Cherokee TTS Volunteer Help Needed

2020-11-16 Michael Conrad  2 minute read

Your help reviewing Cherokee language audio is greatly needed.

As mentioned in a previous post [here], I've been working on getting a Cherokee TTS system operational. I now have initial output ready for a quality check review.

If you have at least some ear for the sounds of Cherokee either as a second language learner or you are a first language speaker your help would most definitely be appreciated.

Simply visit [Audio Quality Vote], login, review audio, and vote. That's it! Simple and easy! Nothing to download or install, it all happens in the browser.