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Able to if…, Can if…

2020-03-21 Michael Conrad  1 minute read

See also “Able to…” and “Not able to…”.

For conditional ability, take the Immediate Tense stem and add the prefix “Ᏼ-”

Able to…, Can…

2020-03-21 Michael Conrad  2 minute read

See also “Able to if” and “Not able to if”.

To refer to someone’s or something’s ability to do something use one of the following combined prefixes on the infinitive form. These prefixes are a combination of “ga-” and an appropriate “Set B” bound pronoun.

The special prefix Ꮒ-…

2020-03-21 Michael Conrad  1 minute read

The special prefix “nị-” is used quite often in Cherokee for various meanings.


The Basic pronunciation rules for “nị-” are as follows:

Cherokee Language Lessons 1

2020-03-16 Michael Conrad  2 minute read

This app is designed to help you acquire the Cherokee language though the use of pictures representing actions, states of being, and so forth. The app closely follows the material in the book "Cherokee Language Lessons 1". The book is recommended to get the most use out of this app.