Authors: michael conrad

Cherokee Language Lessons 1

2020-03-16 Michael Conrad  2 minute read

This app is designed to help you acquire the Cherokee language though the use of pictures representing actions, states of being, and so forth. The app closely follows the material in the book "Cherokee Language Lessons 1". The book is recommended to get the most use out of this app.

ᎯᎠ, ᎥᏍᎩᎾ “He … She …”

2019-03-21 Michael Conrad  1 minute read

The words ᎯᎠ (this/these) and ᎥᏍᎩᎾ (that/those) can also be used to indicate “he”, “him”, “she”, “her”, “they”, or “them” when context makes it clear that a human or animate being is being referred to:


2019-03-21 Michael Conrad  1 minute read

Here are my collected notes for use when translating texts from English into Cherokee.