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2020-03-26 Michael Conrad  3 minute read

Darrel Kipp, Encouragement, Guidance, Insights, and Lessons Learned for Native Language Activists Developing Their Own Tribal Language Programs.

  • Rule 1: Never Ask Permission, Never Beg to Save the Language. Never Beg.

  • Rule 2: Don’t Debate the Issues. Don’t let anyone debate you. Don’t let them start in on you. Don’t let them even start.

  • Rule 3: Be Very Action-Oriented; Just Act.

  • Rule 4: Show, Don’t Tell. Don’t talk about what you will do. Do it and show it.


2020-03-26 Michael Conrad  3 minute read

It is not perfection in speaking the Cherokee language that is required. Even the most proficient of speakers have differences in the way they speak from each other. What is required is participation. Participation in speaking it. In reading it. In writing it. In teaching it. If you do not participate, or if you go out of your way to cause others harm who are working hard to keep the language alive, you are only doing the work of those who sent us to the boarding schools. You have become “them”. The foreigners. The conquerors. Those who would remove us. Those who failed. Be counted among those who keep “them” failing. Be not among those who would remove us from this Earth.