Grammar Notes

If it will be intended to…

2020-03-25 Michael Conrad  1 minute read

Add the prefix “Ᏹ-” and the Conditional Future suffix “-ᎢᏎᏍᏗ” to the Ꮯompletive Future form. Be careful to follow the same pronunciation pattern as illustrated in “If it should with intent (under the condition of)…”.

Intend to… (Imperfect Future Tense)

2020-03-25 Michael Conrad  1 minute read

To indicate “did will to…” or “did intend to…” use the ending “-ᎡᏐᎢ” on the past tense stem.

Use “Set A” or “Set B” pronouns as the parent verb.

Is going and doing…, Went and did…, Will go and do…

2020-03-25 Michael Conrad  2 minute read

Related to the previous discussion for “Going To” is the related idea of doing something when doing another thing. There are three main forms which cover “when he goes he does”, “when he went he did”, and “when he goes he will” which will be shown by example.

Just before…

2020-03-26 Michael Conrad  1 minute read

This is used to refer to the point of time just before an event.

Use the Immediate Future suffix “-ᎢᏕᎾ” and “Set B” pronoun prefixes on the Past Tense form.