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Cherokee Language Lessons - Overview


As a student of the Cherokee language, I sought out and did not discover any course material that I could both freely share and learn grammar from. What you will find here are the materials I, with the help of others, have put together to both learn from and freely share. I hope the material available here is useful to you in your quest to learn the Cherokee language.

Cherokee Syllabary Exercises

The majority of Cherokee Language documents are composed in the Cherokee Syllabary. In addition, if you wish to communicate with someone via written or electronic means the majority of Cherokee Speakers will be expecting you to use the Cherokee Syllabary. And contrary to popular belief, learning the Cherokee Syllabary is not that difficult, if the right technique is used. [MORE...

Cherokee Language Lessons - Introductory Edition

This is the primary lesson material. Composed of a matching set of print and audio materials, I have attempted to leverage methods, such as "Graduated Interval Recall" known to assist with the learning process and long term retention.

The goal of this material is to teach a basic initial grammar, not word or phrase lists. This book and accompanying audio covers basic pronunciation, a few introductory phrases, bound pronouns, basic sentence structure, and introduces some of the requirements of word agreement.

You can access the materials [HERE].

Cherokee Language Lessons - BINGO

This is an earlier attempt at creating sharable Cherokee language teaching materials.

There are two sets of BINGO cards and call sheets.

  • Set one is composed of animals whose written Cherokee names use two syllabary letters, such as ᎩᏟ, ᏩᏯ, etc.
  • Set two is composed of animals whose written Cherokee names use three syllabary letters,. such as ᏯᏁᏎ, ᏥᏍᏚ, etc.

You can access the materials [HERE].