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Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers


  • Written and Audio lessons for Cherokee Counting Numbers.
    • One, Two, Three, Four ...
  • Written and Audio lessons for Cherokee Ordinal Numbers.
    • First, Second, Third, Fourth ...
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Cardinal Numbers

ᏌᏊ sagwu One
ᏔᎵ ta?li Two
ᏦᎢ jo?i Three
ᏅᎩ nvhgi Four
ᎯᏍᎩ hisgi Five
ᏑᏓᎵ sudali Six
ᎦᎵᏉᎩ gahlgwogi Seven
ᏣᏁᎳ chanela Eight
ᏐᏁᎳ sohnela Nine
ᏍᎪᎯ sgohi Ten
ᏌᏚ sa?du Eleven
ᏔᎵᏚ ta?ldu Twelve
ᏦᎦᏚ jo?ga?du Thirteen
ᏂᎦᏚ niga?du Fourteen
ᏍᎩᎦᏚ sgiga?du Fifteen
ᏓᎳᏚ daladu Sixteen
ᎦᎵᏆᏚ gahlgwadu Seventeen
ᏁᎳᏚ neladu Eighteen
ᏐᏁᎳᏚ sohneladu Nineteen
ᏔᎵᏍᎪᎯ ta?lsgohi Twenty
ᏔᎵᏍᎪ ᏌᏊta?lsgo sagwuTwenty One

Ordinal Numbers

ᎢᎬᏱᎢ igvyi?i First
ᏔᎵᏁᎢ ta?line?i Two
ᏦᎢᏁᎢ jo?ine?i Three
ᏅᎩᏁᎢ nvhgine?i Four
ᎯᏍᎩᏁᎢ hisgine?i Five
ᏑᏓᎵᏁᎢ sudaline?i Six
ᎦᎵᏉᎩᏁᎢ gahlgwogine?i Seven
ᏣᏁᎵᏁᎢ chaneline?i Eight
ᏐᏁᎵᏁᎢ sohneline?i Nine
ᏍᎪᎯᏁᎢ sgohine?i Ten
ᏌᏚᏏᏁᎢ sa?dusine?i Eleven
ᏔᎵᏚᏏᏁᎢ ta?ldusine?i Twelve
ᏦᎦᏚᏏᏁᎢ jo?ga?dusine?i Thirteen
ᏂᎦᏚᏏᏁᎢ niga?dusine?i Fourteen
ᏍᎩᎦᏚᏏᏁᎢ sgiga?dusine?i Fifteen
ᏓᎳᏚᏏᏁᎢ daladusine?i Sixteen
ᎦᎵᏆᏚᏏᏁᎢ gahlgwadusine?i Seventeen
ᏁᎳᏚᏏᏁᎢ neladusine?i Eighteen
ᏐᏁᎳᏚᏏᏁᎢ sohneladusine?i Nineteen
ᏔᎵᏍᎪᎯᏁᎢ ta?lsgohine?i Twenty
ᏔᎵᏍᎪ ᏌᏊᎯᏁᎢta?lsgo sagwuhine?iTwenty First