This is a custom "flash card" style program to assist with learning the bound pronouns. It has options to display using either Latin or Syllabary. The software keeps track of your progress and schedules cards based on how well you do. Cards you have problems with are repeated often. Cards you do well with are not.

All of the "flash cards" use CED style pronunciation marks so that you can see how tone and cadence are used to tell spell alike prefixes such as "deji" "I + them-inanimate" / "You all them-inanimate" apart.

Unlike many other flashcard programs, it isn't designed to be dogmatic about timings. It has a "jump a day forwards" option, where you can jump forwards in the scheduling as if a day had already passed, and, the timings are setup to have a max "jump" of one day if you miss a day so that the software doesn't try and feed you the entire deck in a single session ...

Additionally, it only feeds you new cards if you successfully complete all current pending cards within the minimum session time so that you only get new stuff after you perform decently with existing stuff (from day to day).