befuddled by bounded pronouns

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befuddled by bounded pronouns

Unread postby Paulbb » Tue Jul 28, 2015 6:29 pm

How is one to know the root stem of a word? After a year of study and memorization, I found no source of root stem words. Worse yet, the instructions for constructing bounded pronouns are even more lacking. I found several explanations how to apply bounded pronouns yet none, I say NONE, explain which root stem work should be affixed to which prefixed bounded pronoun. Why is there a class a and b set of pronouns? (no reason in books are given for this difference) Moreover, my language book gives a two page explanation how to use bounded pronouns, yet neglects to say which of the many bounded pronouns should be coupled with what verb, adjective, or noun. One book only list 2 sets of bounded pronouns, while another lists upwards of 9 sets bounded pronouns. Neither say what words could be used with class A or B pronouns. Even more complexities are left unexplained. Its impossible to learn, I say IMPOSSIBLE, to learn this language when critical and integral instructions are omitted from learning materials.
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