Animals teaches you to recognize the Cherokee names for more than 40 animals.

Animals including Deer, Skunk, Leech, Beaver, Terrapin (Turtle), Snail, Mink, Camel, Dog, Crow, Bobcat, Raccoon, Turkey, Snake, Badger, Butterfly, and many more.

Release notes:

  • Now contains 79 challenges spread across 9 levels!
  • Now contains common plurals as well as singulars.
  • Accuracy percents are calculated per completed level.
  • Training screen has "skip" button.
  • Training screen can be disabled.
  • Better pause/resume support.
  • Now understands the "BACK" and "MENU" keys.
  • Much improved load time.
  • Now uses libgdx for better display and performance.
  • New Options volume control of challenges and effects.
  • Optional challenge. Can be Syllabary, Latin, or none.
  • After loading "ᎦᏓᏅᎡᎭ..." fades, the credits can be tapped to skip.

Free Desktop version for Linux, Mac, and Windows:

Requires JAVA to be installed on your computer!
Linux, Mac, and Windows: