To indicate that something is about to take place. Add the “-ᎢᏗ” suffix to the Past Tense form.

Use “Set B” pronouns.

  • -ᎢᏗ
    [-Ꭲ⁴Ꮧ] “is just about to…”

    • -ᎢᏗᏒᎢ
      [-i²di²³sv²³ɂi] “Was about to… a while ago.”

    • -ᎢᏗᏍᎪᎢ
      [-i²di²³sgo³ɂi] “Habitually is about…”

    • -ᎢᏕᎾ
      [-i²de⁴na] “Let now be about to… ”

Additionally, the Cherokee Messenger pg 95 “Immediate Future Tense”, indicates that the suffix “-ᎢᏗ” may be used in combination with the “with intent” suffix (-ᎢᏐᎢ):

  • -ᎢᏗᏐᎢ
    [-i²di²³so³ɂi] “Is just about to… (with intent) when… ”.

    • -ᎢᏗᏒ
      [-i²di²³sv] “Was just about to… (with intent)”

    • -ᎢᏗᏎᏍᏗ
      [-i²di²³sẹ³sdi] “Will be about to… (with intent)”

    • -ᎢᏗᏒᎢ
      [-i²di²³sv²³ɂi] “(His) being about to… (with intent)” Verbal Noun.