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Cherokee Animal Names (TTS 1)

2021-05-29 Michael Conrad  2 minute read

Enough progress has been made on the Cherokee TTS project to provide a full set of audio only exercises.

This audio is 100% computer generated audio. No humans were used in the making of these audio files.

Cherokee TTS Volunteer Help Needed

2020-11-16 Michael Conrad  2 minute read

Your help reviewing Cherokee language audio is greatly needed.

As mentioned in a previous post [here], I've been working on getting a Cherokee TTS system operational. I now have initial output ready for a quality check review.

If you have at least some ear for the sounds of Cherokee either as a second language learner or you are a first language speaker your help would most definitely be appreciated.

Simply visit [Audio Quality Vote], login, review audio, and vote. That's it! Simple and easy! Nothing to download or install, it all happens in the browser.

Tacotron2 and Cherokee TTS

2020-11-05 Michael Conrad  3 minute read

I've abandoned trying to use the espeak-ng speech synthesizer. After spending many weeks working it, it still will not correctly apply stress rules (adding stress to unstressed words) and has other issues I've run into that are very problematic, such as where "d", "g", "n" sound so similar that it is easy to mishear these consonants.

Instead I've switched to using a Tacotron 2 TTS system published by Tomáš Nekvinda for speaking Cherokee. While more work definitely needs done, I think this is a good start, and generally sounds much better than espeak-ng. Samples follow.