Your help reviewing Cherokee language audio is greatly needed.

As mentioned in a previous post [here], I've been working on getting a Cherokee TTS system operational. I now have initial output ready for a quality check review.

If you have at least some ear for the sounds of Cherokee either as a second language learner or you are a first language speaker your help would most definitely be appreciated.

Simply visit [Audio Quality Vote], login, review audio, and vote. That's it! Simple and easy! Nothing to download or install, it all happens in the browser.

The purpose of the project is to curate good audio for use in training the computer to do Cherokee TTS. Unfortunately it requires massive amounts of data for such training cycles to be successful. Which is where you come in. Your vote will greatly help selecting the best audio for use in future Cherokee TTS training cycles resulting in an improved and usable Cherokee TTS system.

As this is an iterative process, when enough votes have been received on the currently published audio tracks, a new computer training cycle will begin, with the new results being posted for voting on.

Again, your help would greatly be appreciated.