(Audio updated 2020-06-29)

I've been working on adding Cherokee support to the espeak-ng speech synthesizer. While more work definitely needs done, I think this is a good start.

I have chosen to use the Cherokee-English Dictionary phonetics, as this is the only written form that indicates both tone and cadence that is in common use. Hopefully the results will be good enough at a future date to be able to add pronunciations for all the C.E.D. and Raven Rock entries at the Cherokee Dictionary Project

I have posted here the espeak-ng output for 100 of the conjugated challenges from the Bound Pronouns app for review by those interested.

I've been pondering the creation of a basic vocabulary training app using the CED entries as the source in combination with the synthetic speech. Your thoughts? (Or maybe a classifiers focused app?)

Comments are welcome. Please use the comments box at the bottom of this page.

  • Ꭱ³Ꭶ e³ga: He is going

  • Ꭴ¹Ꭽ u¹ha: He has a solid object

  • Ꮪ²Ꭽ du²ha: He has solid objects

  • Ꭾ³Ꭶ he³ga: You (1) are going

  • Ꮨ̣²Ꭶ tị²ga: Let you (1) eat solid foods

  • Ꮣ̣²Ꭶ² dạ²ga²: He ate solid foods recently

  • ᏍᏕ³Ꭶ sde³ga: You both are going

  • ᏍᏉᎵ͓²Ꭶ sgwohl²ga: You (1) recognize me

  • Ꭲ¹Ꮑ³Ꭶ i¹ne³ga: You (1) and I are going

  • Ꭲ¹Ꮥ³Ꭶ i¹de³ga: All of us are going

  • Ꭳ¹Ꮴ³Ꭶ o¹je³ga: They and I are going

  • Ꭴ²Ꮵ u²ji: His mother

  • Ꭾ¹Ꮎ he¹na: Let you (1) go

  • Ꭴ¹Ꮀ³Ꭲ u¹ho³ɂi: He often has a solid object

  • Ꮪ²Ꮀ³Ꭲ du²ho³ɂi: He often has solid objects

  • ᏍᏉᎵ͓²Ꭹ sgwohl²gi: Let you (1) recognize me

  • ᏍᏕ¹Ꮎ sde¹na: Let you both go

  • Ꭲ¹Ꮑ¹Ꮎ i¹ne¹na: Let you (1) and me go

  • Ꭲ¹Ꭹ²Ꭽ i¹gi²ha: All of us have a solid object

  • Ꭳ¹Ꭹ²Ꭽ o¹gi²ha: They and I have a solid object

  • Ꭴ¹Ꮒ²Ꭽ u¹ni²ha: They have a solid object

  • Ꮥ³Ꭹ²Ꭽ de³gi²ha: All of us have solid objects

  • Ꭱ¹Ꭺ²Ꮅ¹Ꭶ e¹go²li¹ga: All of us are being recognized

  • Ꮣ¹Ꮒ²Ꭶ² da¹ni²ga²: They ate solid foods recently

  • Ꮩ¹Ꭹ²Ꭽ do¹gi²ha: They and I have solid objects

  • Ꮩ¹Ꮵ²Ꭶ² do¹ji²ga²: They and I ate solid foods recently

  • Ꮪ¹Ꮒ²Ꭽ du¹ni²ha: They have solid objects

  • Ꭹ̣²Ꮒ²Ꭽ gị²ni²ha: You (1) and I have a solid object

  • Ꭱ¹ᏦᎵ͓²Ꭶ e¹johl²ga: You (1) are being recognized

  • Ꮥ²ᏍᏗ²Ꭽ de²sdi²ha: You both have solid objects

  • Ꮥ³Ꮒ̣²Ꭶ² de³ni²ga²: You (1) and I ate solid foods recently

  • Ꮥ³Ꮵ̣²Ꭽ de³ji²ha: You all have solid objects

  • Ꮥ³Ꮧ̣²Ꭶ² de³di²ga²: All of us ate solid foods recently