The words ᎯᎠ (this/these) and ᎥᏍᎩᎾ (that/those) can also be used to indicate “he”, “him”, “she”, “her”, “they”, or “them” when context makes it clear that a human or animate being is being referred to:

  • ᎯᎠ ᏅᏯ ᏕᏥ̣ᎪᏩᏘᎭ. “I see these rocks.”

    • ᎯᎠ ᏕᏥ̣ᎪᏩᏘᎭ. “I see these.”
  • ᎯᎠ ᎠᏂᏍᎦᏯ ᎦᏥᎪᏩᏘᎭ. “I see these men.”

    • ᎯᎠ ᎦᏥᎪᏩᏘᎭ. “I see them.” - When referring to people close by.
  • ᎥᏍᎩᎾ ᎦᏍᎩᎶ Ꮵ̣ᎪᏩᏘᎭ. “I see that chair.”

    • ᎥᏍᎩᎾ Ꮵ̣ᎪᏩᏘᎭ. “I see that.” - Remember that Ꮵ̣- when pronounced with a short “ị” indicates an inanimate object.
  • ᎥᏍᎩᎾ ᎠᎨᏯ ᏥᎪᏩᏘᎭ. “I see that woman.”

    • ᎥᏍᎩᎾ ᏥᎪᏩᏘᎭ. “I see him or her.” - When referring to a person not close by.

Cherokee-English Dictionary, pg 325