The special prefix “nị-” is used quite often in Cherokee for various meanings.


The Basic pronunciation rules for “nị-” are as follows:

  • It is added before the bound pronoun.

    • If any plural markers “de-”, “di-”, “ge-”, or “ga-” are used, add it before them.

      • “de-” becomes “dị-” after “nị-” unless followed by a high tone. (Ꮒ- + Ꮥ- becomes ᏂᏗ-)
  • If “nị-” is followed by a vowel, the “-ị-” is dropped.

  • If “nị-” is followed by an “-h-” sound, the “-h-” sound combines with the “nị-” sound to give “hn-”.

  • If “nị-” is used on the infinitive “to be” form or on any word created out of the infinitive, such as the “Result of Doing” form, it changes sound and becomes “i-” before a consonant or “iy-” before a vowel. ☞ Some speakers will remove the leading “i-” off of “iy-” , even in formal speech.